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9,95 Euro

82 x 82 cm (32" x 32")
© 2011 Ula Lenz

What's that?
The idea of this quilt was to show a polyhedron whose sides are illuminated in different colors.
The light colors come from above, the darker colors from below so it will appear in 3D. That was my intention.
The correct name would be: "Stellated icosidodekahedron" but I hope it is okay for you that I simplified this name a little bit.
Combined with "Ula" it gives an easy to sew paperpiecing pattern without any curves or y-seams.
The only thing you really have to care about are the color symbols.
Even when the sections are the same, the colors are different, so this pattern has many pages.

Happy Sewing and a great Dodekula wishes Ula Lenz

You will get the Dodekula as a pdf-file for personal use. Sharing the file is not allowed.


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